Histoire : Blast Into The Past

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Écrite par Melissa le 31 mars 2006 (1644 mots)

Chapter-1- A Hero Dies, Another Born.

“Odd!” Ulrich yelled into his mobile phone. Xana had launched an attack, and Odd was his target. “Odd, please answer!” Ulrich was walking down the bridge to the factory, and almost made it, when he heard Odd‘s cell phone ringing. Ulrich stopped in his tracks, and peeked down from the bridge, looking into the water that seemed like it was black.

“Odd?” Ulrich called down into the shore. Though he didn‘t answer, Ulrich thought that it would be safe to climb down and see if maybe he was down there. Ulrich made his way down to the shore, and hopped onto the sand. “Odd?” Ulrich called again, as he walked over to where the cell sounded like it was ringing.

Ulrich stopped when he saw the cell phone floating in from the waves, he bent down and picked it up. That‘s when he saw him. Odd, floating face down in the water. It wasn‘t even a heartbeat later, did Ulrich dive into the black water, and swim towards his best friend.


“Ulrich?” Yumi stood on the shore. Ulrich had called her cell, but he was crying so hard that she couldn’t understand anything he was saying. All she could make out was that he was on the shore outside of the factory. “Ulrich?” She called again, turning around to see Ulrich. Bad enough to see Ulrich drenched, and seaweed wrapped around his arms, But the sight of Odd laying lifeless in Ulrich’s arms was more than Yumi could bare.
“Odd…” Yumi’s voice trailed off as the tears slid down her cheeks. She stepped behind Ulrich, and wrapped her arm’s tightly around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder, her forehead resting on his wet jacket, which got wetter from her tears. “Ulrich… What happened?” She cried.

Ulrich opened his eyes, and turned his head over to look at Yumi. Though he could only see her by the corner of his eye, he knew already that her face was drenched.

“I... don’t know… I found him like this,” Ulrich cried. “XANA is going to pay…” Ulrich stood up, and let his hands drop Odd’s body gently to the ground. “I swear it.”


Yumi whiped the hair from her eyes, it was drenched wet from the light rain pouring down from the sky. Though she wouldn’t dream of leaving Odd’s funeral, it was the least she could do. He had been deceased for three days, and she already missed him like crazy.
It wasn’t until she turned her head, did she notice that Ulrich wasn’t anywhere near them. She stood up from the fold up chair, and began to walk towards a thin creek she had spotted on the drive up to the site. She was right. She saw him sitting on a boulder, his head in his hands, facing the creek.

“Ulrich,” She walked up to the large boulder he was sitting on. “Ulrich, are you alright?” She walked closer, and attempted to touch his shoulder, but he moved it so she couldn’t.

“It’s my fault, Yumi… I should have realized that something was wrong…” He whispered, as he lifted his head up from his hands. His cheeks were soaked with Tears. It was that reason that she climbed the boulder, and sat next to him.

“Ulrich, it’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s except XANA’s… And believe me, he’ll get his.”

“But that’s not good enough, Yumi,” Ulrich rose to his knees, and looked down into the creek that flowed below them. Yumi squinted her eyes, the rain was pouring much harder now. “I just… Want my best friend back”
Yumi crawled next to him, and wrapped her arm around him.

“Let’s get back to the funeral, you can say goodbye.”

A thin ray of sun poked through the shades of the little girls room. Covered in green, with glow-in-the-dark stars glued to the roof. Her brunette hair was a little longer than shoulder length, and it fell down the front of her baggy green hoodie. Her black jeans were baggy as well, and sagged over her white tennis shoes.
The moment she opened her eyes, a smile appeared on her face. She through the blanket off of her, revealing her tiny legs. She was exactly five years old, and three months. She stood up off of her bed, and ran out of the room. She could smell her mother’s cooking from her bedroom.

“Momma!” She skipped into the kitchen. Her raven haired mother, otherwise known as Yumi, turned from the stove to smile at her daughter.

“Honey, I’m cooking. Sit at the table, I’ll serve you in one second.” She said, as she returned to her cooking. Natsumi did what her mother said, and climbed up on the chair, where a plate was set out for her. She looked at the empty plate across from her seat, and noted that her father wasn’t there.

“Momma, where’s daddy?” She asked, in her cute high tone voice. Her mother, flipped the pancake in the pan, and thought for a second.

“He’s upstairs. I think he’s still sleeping,” She smiled. “You should go do me a favor and jump on his head, and tell him breakfast is almost ready.”

Natsumi giggled and laughed, as she jumped down from her chair. She then ran towards her mother and father’s room. When she arrived, the door was just opened a little bit, and she walked in, pushing it further. Surely enough, her brunette father was laying on the bed, his eyes closed and sleeping. She skipped up to the bed, and hopped onto it, jumping up and down. On the third jump, He sat up, his face stuck on surprised.

“Natsumi,” He rubbed his eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Momma told me to wake you up. She told me to tell you that breakfast is ready, two.”

He gently scooped up Natsumi, and hugged her tightly.

“Tell Momma that I’ll be down in a minute,” He told her. She smiled, and gently nodded. “And… What’s she cooking?”

“Pancakes.” She cheered.

“Whoa, Okay. Ever since she learned that she could just stick a frozen waffle in the microwave, breakfast became the lesser important meal of the day. Pancakes sound incredibly good.”

Natsumi stood up and out of her father’s arms, and jumped down from the bed.

“Alright, daddy. I’ll go tell her now.” She smiled, as she skipped out of the room. Ulrich laid his head back on the pillow. He had again dreamed of the night where he dragged Odd out of the ocean, and the condition his best friend was in when he had. He shuddered the thought, and stood up from his bed. Putting the bad things in the back of his mind, he walked out of his room and downstairs. He could smell his wife’s pancakes from the staircase, and that alone led him to the kitchen.

“Yumi,” He walked up to her, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. She smiled as she put the pancakes on the plate.

“Sit down and eat, Will you?” She urged. “Once were finished eating, I’d like to go to the grocery store, and pick up a few things. What are you going to do today, Ulrich?”

“Uh…” Ulrich stabbed his fork into a pancake, and put it on his plate. “I don’t know. Look for a job?” He smiled, and raised an eyebrow.

“Good boy,” she smiled. “Here.” She handed him the syrup. He squeezed it over his plate, but nothing came out. Cursing the bottle, he tried to see what was blocking the hole.
Much to his surprise, the bottle popped, and the syrup exploded into his face. Whiping his face, he could here Natsumi’s laughter, and the failed attempt’s of Yumi trying to hold it back.

“Oh, how funny… Syrup in my face…” He said sarcastically. “…hahaha…”

“Your such a grouch,” Yumi threw a pancake at him. “Party pooper…”

Ulrich smiled and winked at her.

“I’ll be whatever you want me to be, Oh wife of mine.” He threw the pancake back at her. She smiled, and poked at her pancake.

“Daddy! hasn’t anyone ever told you not to play with your food!” Natsumi giggled. Ulrich smiled at her.

“Nope. guess my momma wasn’t as traditional as yours, Natsumi.”

“Whatever, Ulrich,” Yumi laughed. “Natsumi, tell your father to shut up and eat his food.” Yumi said this in a perfectly pleasant way.


Before she could finish telling her father what her mother told her to, Ulrich had cut her off.

“I’m eating, I’m eating.” He stuck a pancake in his mouth. “Happy?” Yumi laughed, because food flew out of Ulrich’s mouth as he said this.

“Pig…” Yumi giggled.


So, I finished ’Banned From This Love’ a few days ago, and i’m starting another story now... is there a problem with that? Lol... This story, I’ve seriously been waiting for a long time to put it up into action. And I can tell you now, It’s going to be a long, exciting story. If you follow it, you wont be dissapointed. I hope my reviewers from my other stories will enjoy this one as much as my others. I hope you do. XD

Next Chapter: Ulrich saves his daughtor from a failed attempt by XANA. Jeremie tries to come up with a solution to make her vounerable to his attacks. But could the only solution, be there worst problem? Ulrich and Yumi tried to hide there past fromthere daughtor, butthere past came back...